Your Dilemma:

How to reach Probate and Estate Planning clients on a regular basis.

Our Solution:

Advertise Using Our Legal Advertisement Letters!

Our custom legal advertisement letters will get your name out to your prospective clients in no time.

With 100% of the marketing done for you on an exclusive basis, you have more time to build your Probate and Estate Planning Law Practice.

Your Benefit:

Access to Thousands of Potential Probate or Estate Planning Clients Monthly!

Each week, SuccessorsData researches more than 65,000 names of individuals who have passed away nationwide. Within 2 weeks of their passing, we generate a list of over 12,000 real estate properties that these individuals owned.

Using this list, we will send two legal advertisements per month, to any zip codes of your choice for the life of your subscription.

Get insights on how to build your probate practice and get more prospective clients!