About Us

We are a direct mail service based out of Rancho Cucamonga, CA. We work closely with SuccessorsData.com and Family & Real Estate Newsletter to send out monthly newsletters to estate heirs and successors. Attorneys can be featured in our newsletter for a monthly subscription fee. SuccessorsData.com researches 65,000 names weekly of individuals who pass away nationwide. We then post over 12,000 real estate property records owned by the estates within 2 weeks of a loved one’s passing. Family & Real Estate Newsletter takes the property record list and sends out monthly newsletters containing relevant information on real estate, planning, housing, mortgage, realtors, cash buyers, investors, etc. to the heirs and successors. Contact Us Today!

    Morry Eghbal started his business career in Real Estate more than 30 years ago. He has bought, fixed and sold hundreds of properties in Southern California. Morry is passionate about finding solutions and simplifying the work of other Business Owners, Realtors, and Investors like himself. Morry is the Founder and CEO of LawyersDirectMail.com as well as SuccessorsData.com which offers nationwide Inheritance Real Estate Property Data/Leads in 42,000 zip codes for Realtors and Investors. As a result of Lawyers asking for ways to reach property heirs, the "Family and Real Estate Newsletter" direct mail publication was formed to allow lawyers to advertise their probate and estate planning services to estate and property heirs.

    Morry credits the advice and opinion of many lawyers who diligently spent hours giving their feedback and researching the legal advertisement codes of ethics for lawyers in various states throughout the country. Morry's other accomplishments include partnering with Marc Orenberg of Data24-7.com to create IQdial.com, a business phone prospecting platform. The most efficient and least costly product in the automated phone dialing industry, IQDial provides cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art reverse look-up search engines that are second to none.

    In his ongoing search to simplify workflow, increase productivity and save money, Morry also founded EasyExcelAutomation.com, offering custom and stock Excel VBA tools.

    Morry is the father of four children, two of whom are autistic. He also has two grandsons. Even with his busy schedule, he devotes time to helping church ministries at Water of Life Community Church.